About the METRISoft Scalemanufacturer Ltd.

METRISoft Scalemanufacturer Ltd.'s products and services:

  • Legal-for-trade scales for industry and retail purposes. (desktop, receiving, floor and low profile scales)
  • State of the art scales (checkweighers, filler and mixing scales)
  • Putting electronics in a mechanial scale, connecting it to a computer
  • Truck scales, weighbridges, rail scales, axle load scales
  • Counter and labeling scales for industrial usage
  • Mass flow meters, tank and hopper weighers, belt scales, bag filler and sealer systems
  • Ultra low-profile truck scales, U-shaped pallet scales
  • Truck scale software, ticket printing, identificatin with RFID cards
  • Weighing terminals, instruments, remote displays, interface circuit boards

Firm history:

The present

The employee staff number grew to nearly 60 person due to the continuous development and increase. A number of our colleagues are mechanical and electrical engineers responsible for planning tasks and IT specialists working at the solutions of computerised tasks, so the emerging tasks on a high level standard and all claims we can solve satisfactorily. The wide scale of the firm's products makes the overall covering of the market claims possible. Above the production of the type products our firm pays emphasized attention to the development of the unique systems meeting the clients' claims. The fast service of the emerging claims are ensured by purchase and use of CNC equipments. The suitable quality of the products is guaranteed by our ISO 9001-2000 quality assurance system; the long lifetime and the fast repairing are ensured by help of our nationwide service nerwork. Our firm's competitiveness is given by the expertise, creativity and experience of the colleagues, the technical solutions of our products, and our partners' confidence. We are proud of it, that on the field of weighing, dosage, batching and its related industrial and agricultural automation, we qualified our firm for almost all solutions.

The past

The METRISoft Scalemanufacturer Ltd. was formed on June 01 1990, based on private capital. The founders, who are the firm's leaders and propriators today, have dealt in their previous workplace, Metripond Scales factory, with development of balances and weighing systems. They have also been measurement technique advisers on area of industry and the agriculture. It was set as an aim at the time of the firm's forming, that the traditions of the Hungarian balance production are carried on.The years at the beginning passed with the development of the own instrument park, the programs being attached to them and the survey of the market claims. The company increased the production dynamically following the market introduction. The bigger amount of production came into existence of the own production basis and developer team. They created the present depot with a considerable own investment in 1995.

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