• Second Display
    [ MS-NMK ]

    Second Display

    The MS-NMK large second display created for Metrisoft brand instruments. Makes the weight clearly visible from greater distances but it can be used as a general display.

  • Universal Weighing Terminal

    Terminal for general weighing tasks, which ensures data displaying and inputting on various different connected devices (PC, scale, printer, barcode scanner) in industrial environment. Typical uses: e.g.: labeling, mixing scales,...

  • MS-LM Eex-i
    [ MS-LM Eex-i ]

    MS-LM Eex-i

    MS-LM Eex-i

  • MS-LT
    [ MS-LT ]


    his device is a microprocessor terminal for data input and display tasks. Because of its robust design it is suitable for industrial usage. The keyboard is splash-proof. It has 40 keys, 20 of this is for general purpose. The screen is 2x40 digits,...

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