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  • Rapid Checkweigher with Conveyor Belt and Label Printer

    Checkweighing of packed goods intended for trade and separating the weight defective products. The weighing unit is built in as a section of the belt. Optional automatic labeling and metal detector.

  • Foil Welder
    [ MS-FH-01 ]

    Foil Welder

    Safely welds the filled foil bags coming from the conveyor belt.

  • Bag-Sealing Machine

    It is ideal for sealing bags containing agricultural products, animal fodder, fertilizers, flour, chemicals. Delivered with spring suspension, “C” hanger, and bagging scale on request.

  • Conveyor Belt
    [ MS-ESZ ]

    Conveyor Belt

    Conveys the filled bags to the bag sealing machine. Standard version is painted.

  • Elevator Belt
    [ MS-VSZ ]

    Elevator Belt

    Adjustable height conveyor belt for elevating the sealed bags for convenient height for the operator. Standard version is painted.

  • Feeding Conveyor Belt

    Continuously weighing large amounts of bulk materials, controlling the conveyance of predetermined portions with given speed.

  • Conveyor Belt Scale Electronics

    Continuously weighing large amounts of bulk materials, and maintaining the constant performance of the conveyance. It is capable of separately totalizing and printing the totals of max. 15 type of materials. Interactive connection can be...

  • Portable Elevator Belt

    Continuous supply of materials for the scales' hopper. It can be synced to the rhythm of the filling and bagging process with the frequency switcher.

  • Conveyor Belt with Metal Detector

    Detecting metal in constantly moving products. When it detects metal, the belt stops or extrudes the product.

  • Conveyor Belt Controller And Weighing Terminal

    Conveyor Belt Controller And Weighing Terminal

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