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  • Ultra Low Profile Portable Vehicle Scale

    The MSBX-20 t is made from aluminium alloy, ultra slim, light and portable. The weighing platform include a lot of very small, and precise load cells, which provide it with great accuracy. The construction protects the cells well from external...

  • Metrisoft Portable Vehicle Scale

    The METRISoft mobile vehicle scale ("slipper-scale") is a simple, convenient and versatile equipment for weighing vehicles. The weighing platform, which is made from aluminium, weights just about 25 kg. It is resistant to...

  • Axle Load Scale
    [ MS-KTEN ]

    Axle Load Scale

    The MS-KTEN type on the move axle load scale weighs the axle load while the vehicle passes through (max 5 km/h). It stores, prints or forward the results of the weighings to a computer.

  • Truck Scale (Weighbridge)

    Weighing of trucks up to 60 t, can be prepared to fill tank trucks on request, even in explosion-proof location.

  • Second Display
    [ MS-NMK ]

    Second Display

    The MS-NMK large second display created for Metrisoft brand instruments. Makes the weight clearly visible from greater distances but it can be used as a general display.

  • Truck Scale (Weighbridge) Software

    Truck Scale (Weighbridge) Software

  • Axle Load Scale System
    [ MSBX-101D-Y ]

    Axle Load Scale System

    The MSBX-101D-Y is an ultra low profile portable vehicle scale (“slipper” scale). It is a simple, convenient and versatile equipment for weighing vehicles. The weight of the weighing platform is only 10..33 kg. It is resistant to environmental...

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