METRISoft Scalemanufacturer Ltd.

Conveyor Belt with Metal Detector

Conveyor Belt with Metal Detector Conveyor Belt with Metal Detector

Pharmaceutical scale with label printer

  • MS-UMT weighting terminal with color graphic
  • Wireless barcode scanner
  • Range indicator tower light
  • Label printing
  • Stainless steel, easy cleaning, mobile

Automatic Pallet Handling and Storage Machine

  • PLC
  • Automatic Pallet Handling
  • Product handling with pattern filling

Automatic Pallet Machine Video

Intermittently Totalizing Mass Flow Meter - 500 ton / hour

Cylinder Scale

Cylinder Scale


METRISoft Scalemanufacturer Ltd.'s products and services:

  • Legal-for-trade scales for industry and retail purposes. (desktop, receiving, floor and low profile scales)
  • State of the art scales (checkweighers, filler and mixing scales)
  • Putting electronics in a mechanial scale, connecting it to a computer
  • Truck scales, weighbridges, rail scales, axle load scales
  • Counter and labeling scales for industrial usage
  • Mass flow meters, tank and hopper weighers, belt scales, bag filler and sealer systems
  • Ultra low-profile truck scales, U-shaped pallet scales
  • Truck scale software, ticket printing, identificatin with RFID cards
  • Weighing terminals, instruments, remote displays, interface circuit boards

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